Our flours

Experience, tradition and innovation are incorporated in our assortment of four top quality, versatile flours made with 100% Italian grains. A full range for all professionals looking to fire their imaginations with a raw material that brings out the best in every recipe. See characteristics and special features in the dedicated area.

Two hearts and a project

Carrying out research means taking a new path, testing, innovating and creating. This was the starting point for our project, the path leading to the most important instrument for those who are passionate about their job of making pastries and bread. Our path leads to the future by going back to our origins, to a limited range of flour types suitable for several quality applications.

Our values

We want to go back to our origins and provide the right raw materials for exclusive, individual creations. Through our flours, competence, experience and manual skills will once again become essential ingredients for recipes and baking activities. We have created an instrument suitable for any process.


Quality is our common value. Molino Bertolo and Leonardo Di Carlo understood each other right from their first encounter and accepted a challenge to create a unique product that was a wager on the future: an instrument with which bakers can effectively change the rules of baking by simplifying ingredients and multiplying results.


Le Farine di Leonardo® is a complete solution for enterprising professionals, who can put their signatures on modern products of undeniable quality. Bakers using our flours for a wide variety of preparations should have a thorough knowledge of each type’s characteristics, which we are pleased to share so that they can fully exploit their potential.

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Soft Wheat Grain Flour - 100% Italian grains

This plain, soft wheat flour is perfect for small pastries and products that do not require long proofing, such as plum cake and cream puffs. Just the right ally for preparations not requiring great strength when used alone but essential for creating mixes with the other types of flour in the Le Farine di Leonardo® line. Tenerum® performs well in many preparations, not just pastries.


Soft Wheat Grain Flour - 100% Italian grains

This plain, soft wheat flour is suitable for long proofing and preparations such as sweet and savoury croissants, Venetian brioche and many others. Perfect when used pure or mixed with other products in the Le Farine di Leonardo® line, Robustum® releases all its flavour and strength for both pastries and bread. The grains used are selected for their quality and give preparations the necessary rheological properties to undergo long proofing.


Soft Wheat Whole Grain Flour - 100% Italian grains

Whole soft wheat flour, brushed and not reconstructed, with no added bran. This flour is flavourful and ideal alone or mixed for a host of preparations. Integrum ® flour combines the healthiness of a top quality, whole wheat product with incredible versatility when compared with the usual whole wheat flour found in shops. Its full flavour and unique performance make it ideal for numerous preparations.


Soft Wheat Whole Grain Flour - 100% Italian grains

Whole grain flour, the most important novelty in the Le Farine di Leonardo® line. First milling provides a naturally, deliciously flavoured whole wheat flour that can be used alone or mixed with other tasty products full of the aroma of wheat. The grains, all grown in Italy, ensure an entirely new, safe, quality product that can be used in many ways for a host of preparations.

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