The Molino Bertolo srl company aims to achieve continuous development and growth of the company, starting from the consolidation over the years of the characteristics of its own products that identify themselves as high quality, innovative and safe in production as much as they are respectful of the tradition from which they were born.
This mission is pursued by enhancing the raw materials used for the production of flours and other products constantly searching for the best way to enhance them features and value.
The management of Molino Bertolo srl for the expansion of the company in terms of the share of market, turnover, healthiness and hygiene of the products is based on the following principles fundamentals:

  • ensure compliance with current legislation both with regard to the characteristics of the product that in relation to food safety, worker safety and respect for the environment;
  • guarantee the consumer compliance with food safety and hygiene requirements health and safety products;
  • guarantee the customer the consistency of the quality of the product offered by reducing complaints and any returns;

Furthermore, the company management sets itself according to the adopted certification schemes ISO 9001, FSCC 22000 and ISO 22005 to achieve the following purposes:

  • continuously monitor organizational processes and flows in order to identify possible sources of non-food safety, health and hygiene risk, of inefficiency in order to lead the company to continuous improvement in all sectors that compose it.
  • ensure compliance with the social ethics necessary for management that does not violate i social requirements with regard to fundamental human and worker rights, guaranteeing them a safe and healthy working environment;
  • ensure information and training for staff, equal opportunities for growth professionalism and the enhancement of the contribution of each one for the consolidation of the business culture;
  • keep faith with respect for the environment and protection of natural resources by avoiding waste and thus guaranteeing the territory the minimum impact of production processes and rational use of resources;

To achieve its objectives, the Management undertakes to promote and encourage

  • research and use of resources and technologies, techniques, methods, solutions suitable organizational and management systems;
  • implement a capable food safety and quality management system to motivate and involve human resources and to develop an action for improvement continuous process and product;
  • promote staff training and involvement;
  • to hire specialized, competent and capable staff or to specialize resources human beings already present in the company;
  • investing financial and human resources in food safety, marketing and product quality in all business processes.

The Management also ensures the implementation and maintenance of the management system food safety and product quality, in compliance with the FSSC 22000 standard , ISO 22005, and ISO 9001 for the achievement of the purposes monitored periodically, formalized in the following policy and in the management review.
The Management also undertakes to make explicit and disseminate the objectives at all levels so that everyone, within the scope of their responsibilities, can feel involved in giving their contribution to achieving them.

Covolo, 06/11/2019