Molino Bertolo has made quality products not just a company trademark, but also a target to aim at constantly. It is a sound choice and a starting point for developing relationships with the end customer.

The experience of many generations of millers has taught us that good results can be achieved only by concentrating on raw materials and their characteristics. Molino Bertolo flour originates with carefully selected varieties of wheat from Italy and imported from Austria, Germany and the U.S.A. The same commitment and dedication are applied to local wheat grown in Veneto, which is used for our Farina Veneta KM0, a product made of 100% Veneto-grown wheat.

Each type of wheat purchased is carefully selected and undergoes strict testing to check its conformity with our quality parameters and high safety standards. These products are guaranteed to comply with UNI EN ISO 9001, the European Organic Certifiers Council and Suolo e Salute standards.

We cannot, and never do, forget tradition; always mindful of the importance of our heritage, the strong link with our territory, and a will to prepare something genuine daily.