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Reground Gold

Pugliese bread, filoni, zoccoletti, focaccias


Durum wheat semolina, a rough granular product obtained from the grinding and subsequent sifting of durum wheat varieties free of foreign substances and impurities.
In conformity with current Italian legislation and in particular with Italian Law No. 580 of 4 July 1967 and subsequent amendments.

Blend of Italian and European GMO free durum wheat varieties.

• It may be used for the preparation of dough with either the straight dough method or the sponge and dough method (biga added to the dough - no less than 30% of dough weight - and kept at 18°C/20°C for approx. 18 hours).
• The finished products have the following characteristics: crisp golden crust, soft crumb with large, regular hole structure.

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Reground Gold
Semola extra