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La Pietra del Piave® for "Biscuits and Shortbreads" | Fresh pasta line

La Pietra del Piave® for "Biscuits and Shortbreads"

Biscuits and shortbreads


Soft wheat flour obtained from the grinding and subsequent sifting of soft wheat varieties free of foreign substances and impurities.
In conformity with current Italian legislation and in particular with Italian Law No. 580 of 4 July 1967 and subsequent amendments.

Blend of Italian GMO free soft wheat varieties.

• La Pietra del Piave® for Biscuits and Shortbreads has mainly been studied for pastry and cake mixes, but is also suitable for other products. Shortcrust bases, flans, shortbread biscuits, pâte brisée prepared with this flour have an intense aroma as well as a crunchy, crumbly texture.
• This flour may also be used in breadmaking to prepare extremely fragrant and tasty breadsticks and crackers.