Molino Bertolo new website.

Our new site? A shelf just a click away!

Here is the new Molino Bertolo website!

After months to follow your recipes made with our flours, we wanted to think of a new style, which contained the values ​​of the Molino.

A completely renovated place to give the right visibility to all our products, for you. The sections are cleaner, more immediate and supplied with all the necessary information.

Whether you are a famous industry professional or a housewife looking for quality products, our site has been specially designed to allow you, according to your needs, to test what we have to offer, work the raw material and experiment.

The bakery is leavened in full Bertolo style and is ready to present the new courses, initiatives and recipes drawn from the Food Academy.

The pastry has been garnished with all the flours necessary to allow you to recreate your favorite sweets at home.

The corn has been harvested and sorted for all your needs.

A section dedicated to particular and alternative flours will suggest you other products to try!

Our semi-finished products and Pizzeria are positioned and ready to be fired.

For those wishing to try a more meticulous approach, the seeds will satisfy even the most attentive researchers.

For the curious, the virtual shelves of the Complementari and of the stone millstone were also filled.

Our new website is the virtual exhibitor for your eyes.

A shelf filled and complete with all Molino Bertolo products, ready to be discovered by you, further inform you about the materials you already know and use, and unveil some new bag that you have not yet had the chance to try.