The perfect pizza? We tasted it in Switzerland!

October 4 we were guests in S. Antonino, in the Canton of Ticino, for a demo entirely dedicated to the queen of the Italian table: pizza!

In the company of professional pizza makers, chefs, restaurateurs, insiders and under the expert guidance of master pizzaiolo Angelo Silvestrini, we have discovered some of the secrets behind the preparation of the perfect pizza.

After a first introduction to the Molino Bertolo line specially designed for the pizzeria, our Quality Manager, Gabriele Fortunati, illustrated features and peculiarities that distinguish the different types of flours, indicating those small precautions that can be useful to improve the finished product.

You can find in the section of products for Pizzeria of the site our selection both for home and professional use

Finally, the long awaited moment: to assist the Master at work and, obviously, to taste his creations!

The result? Delicious and crispy gourmet pizzas, Neapolitan pizzas, pizzas in the pan and sweet pizzas ... a delicious complete menu based on pizza.

Unfortunately we can not let you taste it, but if nothing else we leave you to our photo report to redo your eyes!



He began working at the family trattoria, Pizzeria Nuovo Ronche di Piavon in Oderzo, which he still manages today. He attended numerous courses of specialization becoming, in 1998, Instructor of the Italian School of Pizza makers. He has collaborated for years with the organization of the World Pizza Championship of Parma as a competition judge. In 2014 he becomes Master Instructor with Certified Training Path of the Italian School of Pizza-makers.