New products

Flour "Veneta"

Born from the adhesion to the Zero Kilometer Project of Coldiretti Veneto, we present our Venetian Flour, produced with 100% grains coming from our region.

Short chain and maximum control for an authentic product that speaks of tradition.

Our KM0

Providing a flour at KM 0 does not mean just having more control over the supply chain but investing and enhancing the excellent products of its territory. This is in fact one of the key points that made us decide to marry the Coldiretti Veneto project and make it our own. The values pursued by genuineness, quality and tradition are in fact those that describe us since 1742.


In addition to being born from a virtuous project, the KM0 Italian flour is a particularly versatile product suitable for many preparations, both sweet and savory.

Come and discover it in the store!