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Shortcrust pastry, biscuits, wafers | Pastry line

Shortcrust pastry, pâte brisée, small cakes and pastries, biscuits, sweet and savoury shortcrust pastries


Soft wheat flour obtained from the grinding and subsequent sifting of soft wheat varieties free of foreign substances and impurities.
In conformity with current Italian legislation and in particular with Italian Law No. 580 of 4 July 1967 and subsequent amendments.

Blend of Italian GMO free soft wheat varieties.

• Weak flour with low protein content.
• It allows the formation of a smooth, homogeneous dough in a short time.
• Good fat absorption capacity.
• Suitable for making dough with the straight dough method without leavening; finished products have the right texture, neither too hard (hardening of the shortcrust) nor too crumbly (excessive crumbling of the shortcrust).

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