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Panettone, pandoro, colombe, nadalin and leavened products in general


Soft wheat flour obtained from the grinding and subsequent sifting of soft wheat varieties free of foreign substances and impurities.
In conformity with current Italian legislation and in particular with Italian Law No. 580 of 4 July 1967 and subsequent amendments.

Blend of Canadian and European GMO free soft wheat varieties.

• Very strong flour with excellent capacity to absorb liquids, bind with fat and combine well with other ingredients added to the dough e.g. chocolate, honey, sultanas, etc.
• It retains its texture even with long fermentation.
• It allows the formation of a strong and tenacious dough, which develops considerably during baking due to the capacity to retain the carbon dioxide without collapsing.
• This flour is suitable for the preparation of dough with the straight dough and the sponge and dough methods, which require long fermentation times, for making leavened cakes, such as: pandoro, panettone, colombe, and may also be used in varying percentages to reinforce weaker flours.

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