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Crunchy mais | Semi-finished line


Soft wheat flour Italian type "0", durum wheat semolina, popcorn 10%, sunflower seeds, sea salt, palm oil powder (palm oil, glucose, milk protein), emulsifer (rapeseed lecithin E322), thickening agent (guar gum E412), malted barley flour, mixed spices (contains mustard and celery), deactivated yeast, flour treatment agent (L-ascorbic acid E300).


“Crunchy mais” is the mix for obtaining artisanstyle cornbread, which is very tasty thanks to just the right balance between its main ingredients namely the cereals (wheat, corn and barley) and the sunflower seeds.
To be used for preparing dough with the straight dough method and short rising time. For best results, decorate the bread with corn meal so the top of the product turns a golden colour during baking.

25 kg.
›30 ql.