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Banan-flavoured type '1' flour | Fruttarine® line

Banan-flavoured type '1' flour

Preparation for confectionery products


Type '1' flour combined with the smooth, sweet flavour of bananas creates an exotic mix perfect for pastries that lend themselves to many different pairings, starting from the classic banana & chocolate combination.


Type '1' soft wheat flour, 3% dehydrated bananas, natural flavourings

3% of dehydrated bananas equals 120 g of fresh bananas


Each mix is based on Molino Bertolo versatile type ‘1’ soft wheat flour, which contains wheat germ, is an excellent source of fibre , and is ideal for preparing flavourful, quality recipes.

Fruttarine® flours are just right for doughs with short proofing times, for both sweet and savoury preparations.

Their diverse ingredients add liveliness and unique flavour to all your mixes.

1 kg
5 kg