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Lemon-flavoured type '1' flour | Fruttarine® line

Preparation for confectionery products


A flour mix with a bold character. Type ‘1’ flour with a distinctive zesty flavour becomes a key ingredient for fragrant, flavoursome pastries.


Type '1' soft wheat flour, 1% dehydrated lemons, wheat starch, natural flavouring

1% of dehydrated lemons equals 50 g of fresh lemons


Each mix is based on Molino Bertolo versatile type ‘1’ soft wheat flour, which contains wheat germ, is an excellent source of fibre , and is ideal for preparing flavourful, quality recipes.

Fruttarine® flours are just right for doughs with short proofing times, for both sweet and savoury preparations.

Their diverse ingredients add liveliness and unique flavour to all your mixes.

1 kg